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Reviews for "Old Portal Contest Entry"

That was great.

Taking into consideration that this is an old movie, my suggestions are pointless (unless you plan to re-tool it). It does need a better plot, not to offend you, but the plot seems to fit with any crappy 'standard stick-animation', and this is DEFINETLY not 'standard stick-animation' it is much better. I would also like to see that fruity 'the end' thing changed. Good job!

that was really funny!!

the only thing that could've made it better was use of color. let's say: taking the rainbow colored "the end" away, and using those wonderful primary colors to decorate things such as the background, and the clothing/hair/features of the figures.

hee, hee...

That r fun fun....hee, hee.....Yeah, that was pretty good.



Hidden Talent

Anyone who is watching this movie and hates stick figures just wait for the beginning sequence to end, because this is some of the most fluidic animation i've ever seen on the portal, must have taken some real effort to complete. Congrats