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Reviews for "Old Portal Contest Entry"


But I just didn't like it.

The drawing is really nice, and your basic idea is mildly amusing, but I'm afraid it just didn't turn me on.

Maybe with some sound effects, this could be something well smart. However, as it is, there's nothing here to bring it above slightly below average in the enjoyment rating.

The movie was good....

I only gave you a crappy overall rating CUZ YOU MADE STICK SLAYER!!!!!!! ILL KILL YOU!

Doodler responds:

I made Stick Slayer? KICK ASS! I didnt even know that.

VOMIT is gonna sue you.


It wasn't very good.

I really dont think this is that good. I have seen some with no sound that were good but this one sucked. What you need is a little sound and it would have been better. Also there is a problam with the fact that there is no humor and not very good graphics. I dont see why people asked you to submit it it really sucked. I didn't like so that is why I gave it a 2.

I don't see why everyone loves this thing so much?

I am not saying its bad. Its just tat it doesn't deserve all the props it is gettin. I mean, withut sond this isn't much good. I don't know if he knows how but if he did i would have voted much higher. at least some background music stream would d good enough. anyway, it is short and i have seen better silent flashes so i gve it a 4.

Doodler responds:

I was wondering the same thing myself, but hey, i'm not complaining =D


Agreeing with the last reviewer here.. this is *NOT* the garden variety stick animation we see so much of here.. I *LOVE* the caricature-esque drawing style... Would have been better with sound but great even w/o 'em. : )