Reviews for "Bossfight - Captain Cool"


really great!!!!! got me dancing around!!!!!!!!!!!! realy great!!!!!!! definate down load!!!!!!! omg your freaking amazing this is another great one you've made keep it up! you havn't disappointed me yet!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bossfightofficial responds:

Thanks for the awesome creds! :D
If you want to, you can check out our albums at Spotify (where this song is included)

Truly epic

My hat off to you my good sir!



bossfightofficial responds:

Thanks! :D

(Insert Random Punny Title Here)

I've gotta say, this song spells epic with all caps. It just screams at you "Hey! Listen!" without sounding like some broken-record N64 bright blue ball with wings.

To me, anything that is even partially reminiscent of any old 8-bit video game tunes from the '90s just makes me all kinds of giddy inside. It specifically reminds me of the old Sonic games for the Sega and that one Seven Up game where you played as the red coin from the Seven Up logo. Both of which are my most favorite games that originated from the Sega.

If I could, I'd hack Newgrounds so that you could receive 100/10 rating and 50/5 vote, but, not only can I not, but, even if I did know how, I wouldn't because I'm opposed to breaking the law.

Oh, one question, though; Who is "Captain Cool"?

bossfightofficial responds:

Your creds makes me all happy and stuff, thanks! :D

neither I nor my bandmember knows who he is. We just imagine a captain made out of pure epicness who travels through the galaxies!

So I found this on a game and it didn't show music credits and now... I HAVE FINALLY FOUND IT

reminds me of roblox