Reviews for "Bossfight - Captain Cool"

This masterpiece us the best song ever i love this song i play many games with this song like terraria etc anyway wonder full job and i mean it!!!

Mothafuckin' EARGASAM

(Insert Random Punny Title Here)

I've gotta say, this song spells epic with all caps. It just screams at you "Hey! Listen!" without sounding like some broken-record N64 bright blue ball with wings.

To me, anything that is even partially reminiscent of any old 8-bit video game tunes from the '90s just makes me all kinds of giddy inside. It specifically reminds me of the old Sonic games for the Sega and that one Seven Up game where you played as the red coin from the Seven Up logo. Both of which are my most favorite games that originated from the Sega.

If I could, I'd hack Newgrounds so that you could receive 100/10 rating and 50/5 vote, but, not only can I not, but, even if I did know how, I wouldn't because I'm opposed to breaking the law.

Oh, one question, though; Who is "Captain Cool"?

bossfightofficial responds:

Your creds makes me all happy and stuff, thanks! :D

neither I nor my bandmember knows who he is. We just imagine a captain made out of pure epicness who travels through the galaxies!

pure epic!

please! i beg of you, make more songs like this! i NEED this epic-ness in my life!

bossfightofficial responds:

We're on our way! Follow us at youtube or facebook for updates. We're currently working on a new album :D

Lost in the perfect storm. Flawless song!

I must give you credit, it takes something fantastic to get me to really write anything anymore.And this is nothing short of that.

Part of me was confused at first with the title, Bossfight. I was expecting something that would generally be a bossfight. I mean, I definitely got that, in flying colors, but the main problem with that concept, thinking on it now, is that I'd just stand there and listen to the song, and not fight.

Not that that's a major problem or anything. On to the review!

I must say that I enjoy the 8-bit sounds in the beginning, it's a bit of a weakness for me. And the airy bit in the beginning as well kind of summed up the lighthearted-yet-epic sound that this song was going to convey. And like the many great sea-shanties before it, it manages to keep the sound you'd associate with sea-faring adventures and Krakens.

Breaking off into the middle of the song, with the distorted chorus, it was an unexpected bit, something that brings the sea-shanty into the modern era. Which made me happy; Given the direction of some music nowadays, it's nice to see a face-lift on something so unique and wonderful that can make it more appreciated by current music-lovers and listeners. The parts with the almost electric-guitar-whining solo fitted in nicely with the flow of the song, while at the same time creating a bit of a refreshing conflict with the sound that you would expect to be faced with in the daily life of those who this song symbolizes.

Finally, the ending, which is quite possibly my favorite part (not saying that the song was bad, I just enjoy what you did with it.) the undistorted whistle and accordion, bringing it back to it's roots, and the final burst of sound that echoes like cannon fire. A simply wonderful way to end it; the best way just short of making it a loop so I could listen to this song infinitely.

If I had to find something to be nit-picky about, I could only think of one thing: the beginning of the song. Not to sound contrary, again, I loved every part of this song. However, I feel that if you had done what you did with the ending and built up the roots of the song with the simple accordion and whistle and then worked up to the modern sounds, I think it would have tied the song together a little more nicely, and it would've given the ending a bit more of a purpose.

But I digress, I don't want to end this on a bad note. This song was one of the best I've heard in a long time, and I'm glad I've listened to it a total of 12 times wince I opened up this page. And I'm glad I decided to go hunting around for someone who has pure talent running through their veins, similar to the sailors and their saltwater. Keep up the sound and quality of the songs, and you'll definitely go places. I can see you going far with the simply beautiful and pleasant sounds of your music, and I hope to listen to your stuff more often, Bossfight.

wait no, that's stupid...
there we go

bossfightofficial responds:

Man, I don't really know what to say.. this review makes me almost teary-eyed. It's wonderful to read such a dedicated review! I want to thank you for the constructive criticism, something many seems to forget about today.

even if my english vocabulary isn't really enough (we're Swedes), I would still like to thank you for taking your time! This review is 100% pure epicness. Thanks! //Bossfight-Erik

P.S. I don't know if the program "Spotify" has reached your country yet, but if you don't find us there, please like us on Facebook for constant updates :)