Reviews for "Death Rise"

dude..... holy crap...

this is perfect, in my opinion, normally heavy metal isnt great on vocals. i figured i should read the lyrics cuz i might not hear em. anyway loved it... just wish i was at my house to download it and put it on my i-pod right away -_-

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thank you dude. Fucking glad you dig it. \m/ I will have my whole album for download shortly. free.

What the fuck

Get the fuck off Newgrounds and get in my local record store

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Better for free, though. :) Glad you enjoy it, dude. \m/


gotta love metal am i right so this is epic FUCK YEAH one of the best parts of bein goth is lovin this music

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Glad you dig it!\m/

oh,the album is back *.*

this is like one of the two songs of the album that get a video.
this relation between zombies and a decaying society is awesome,like the society eating itself up.
The beggining surprised me,i can't remember this type of thing in any of your songs,but I think it's some progress that could lead you to the "superstar" level.
Maybe you could be like Vratyas Vakyas,he almost never performs live and just releases the cd's ;D
but it wouldnt be really a "superstar",it would be more like a "underground superstar" haha
just like Boyd Rice ;DDDD

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much Kupia. I would love to play live. First thing I need is a band, but...after that...fuck would I!

Thanks for the dig on this. Yeah it's a bit different. And now with this released, I can actually move on. I have new drum software that I haven't used yet, new tones, and new riffing...coming sooon!

Thanks again!


first of all: well worth the wait. really enjoying this one. the vocal melodies are pretty damn kickass, and your vocals really deliver. excellent work on the vox, the chorus sounds especially awesome.

riffs are excellent. a pretty classic approach, if that makes sense, and damn i like it! the 2:25 passage is great, still this song deserves more of a distinct solo passage in my opinion. very well excecuted anyway, your tone kicks heavy ass like always.

mixing is pretty much flawless. clean and heavy. though i think some really heavy drums would work nicely for this bitch.

excellent work dude, glad you finally finished the album \m/

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Ahhhh, master. You are right, it does deserve a bit more of a solo. Sadly, I cannot do it..and the empty riffing has grown...and actually fits in with the desperate empty decaying theme...so it seems to work. haha

Glad you dig it. Sorry for the delay. I'm just waiting on a photo release, to print the lyrics on, before I release the packaged download for free also. :)

Thanks for all the support, my metalhead brother.\m/