Reviews for "Death Rise"

fucking great

this is pretty intense i love the slow tempo and the hard hitting rift as it picks up, i play alot of heavy metal and ALOT of black metal i i can appreciate good quality sound what amp are you playing through?

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

No amp here. I play through a pod x3 straight into my soundcard. I record with cool edit pro.

I use my headphone out and go to my huge house stereo inputs. Sounds pretty awesome that way too. I mix using the big stereo.

I'll have to stop by and check out your music if you have any.

Thanks for the review\m/


you get your shotgun out .....you hear a sound of screaming.....you know there coming.....you know youll die but you still try.....you blow up a zombie then you think one thing..... NUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome song dude great voice!!!!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much. Nice description! Glad you dig it!\m/


You sound like James Hetfield! (If that's you singing)
The quality of the guitar recorded isn't that good. But your skills are pretty impressive. And the drums kick some ass too.

Are you recording threw your amp with a microphone? It sure sounds like it. Not that it's bad! It's just when you record with microphones into your amp, it's hard to get a 'close up' and 'low end' feel.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Glad you dig it. Yes it is me singing, and thanks for the compliments.

The guitar is supreme quality, direct recorded from my line 6 pod x3 into my line in. The guitars are layered. 2 tones left and same 2 tones right...played 4 separate times.

Perhaps you aren't listening on quality speakers. Or just have different tastes. Its all good. Thanks for the review!

Desperate Need for Solo

I don't know... the fad about zombies is nowhere near the kind of horror movie I prefer to watch, to tell the truth. Actually I find that subject matter rather humorous. So I'm torn about what to think of the lyrics. However, you have succeeded in creating an album worthy of commercial publishing, and this song would likely get a music video as suggested.

If you're worried about the lack of a solo (and yes, the song seems empty without at least one), why not do what many musicians do these days and recruit their buddies or cross-label acts and pour some varied talents in here? We know what Metaljonus is capable of doing, or how about a symphonic rock number? An eerie piano piece by MilkManDan, maybe? What happened to KinderGaia, who performed voice-overs for a track?

I make the suggestion because the music stands solid on its own, but if you wanted to really shout out to this community, you'd pool some blood all around you. After all, it's a metal song about zombies and decaying society. Blood effects are often a big part of those stupid movies, anyway.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude.

The connotations towards zombies was half metaphoric in a silly sense. As society is "zombified" into killing ourselves, it is like a joke that no one gets.

Until its too late.

As for the solo, I did shout out to the community in a way to include a member. It was just taking too long. I couldn't really move on to anything new, until I released. This song has been finished for months. Which is no big deal, I've made artists wait for me, because of real life. I just really wanted to move on. Nothing against them. I didn't ask Metaljonus because he's busy with his own gig...and if I knew Dan would have ripped a new one, I would have asked him. :)

C'est la vie. It's done and I can move on to much heavier, brutal stuff. :)

I added my own short solo, and actually like it better without more...because it "feels" as empty as society's soul.

Thanks as usual for an in depth review and all your support.\m/

Kick ass!

I am really digging the vocal reverb.. very atmospheric. I love the heavy thrash metal vibe that's all over this tune.

Rise From the Dead
I will walk for meat

Bwhahah gotta love that.. Makes me hungry for some zombie beef.
Anyways dude, when you make another tune, you gotta prepare a rhythm backing open for a Dan Johansen solo, I'd dig making a solo for one of your tunes. Peace out! Or... War out! With dead meat! BWHAHAH

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Dude, you kick ass. I would be fucking awesomed out by your awesomeness if you would loan a solo to a tune of mine.

Thanks for the kick ass review, bro. :)\m/