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Reviews for "Tankmen"

Nice dude Nice

very well done

Just one word!



Man, I've seen good fanart before, and I've seen Tankmen fanart. but this!
This had to be the best of both I've ever seen. ALSO, I've been on NG a long time...
I have never seen anyone get a 100% positive rating as long and as awesome as yours. You my man should be listed in a "THE STARS OF NEW GROUNDS" section, for that pic up top. Well done!

and if you do some day ever make this a Poster, or a wallpaper. I want in on it!

Nekow responds:

now I know how James Lee felt when he created Tarboy, thank you very much :D

master peice in the makeing

this is by far one of the best tank man pics i have ever seen. keep up the good work and hopefully one day we will all see your art on t.v . and again priceless picture.

just speechless

.....this is very cool .how long did it take..?