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Reviews for "Tankmen"


Nice work on tankmen xD Love it.
From my view based on the story of tankmen, I find this picture a little too neat. As in the stuff looks new. Try making the skulls' helmets more old or cracked or battered. Same thing for the tank, try putting a dent in its armor like it got hit by cannon shells before.
Its a very detailed work =D so keep working on it, you're a great artist.

Holy fucking shit

That is great. How long did this take you?

Shit howdy!!!

LOVE IT!!! Turned something light hearted filled with dick jokes into a dark and apocalyptic world, I want MORE!!!

Thumbs up

The black and white gave it a nice atmosphere, and everything was great, only that the palm holding the front part of the gun looks a little odd, besides that, it was awesome


That's incredible.