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Reviews for "Beautiful Dreams [Trance]"

Woah Nice

I know you did a lot of house, but I didn't know that you'd be this good at trance too. I love the melodies. They sound so lush and pure.

PrEmoEffect responds:

This track is my intro into trance (same way Fleeting Moments was for house) after I learned lots of cool stuff. I'll be experimenting with a lot of new styles now. Let's see how it turns out.

Truly amazing

I'm not usually into trance, but this makes me want to listen to it more often. It brings me happiness to see that there are people in this world who can produce a song that is capable of stimulating the emotions to this extent. very well done, and I hope to hear more from you in the future! 5/5 10/10

PrEmoEffect responds:

Honestly, trance is really great. My favorite subgenre is uplifting. It has great melodies. Try some artists like nitrous oxide. Downforce, Supra, and Reborn are really good. The Onova remix of Midas touch is also good. Overdrive by Ron van den Beuken is a bit retro, but incredibly stimulating, maybe in the way you want. The overdrived guitar is incredible. I really want to work with similar ideas in the future. I hope you check out some of these songs.


This is some of the best trance i've ever heard!

PrEmoEffect responds:

I'm flattered, but there's better.

Dreams come true

Adding to favorites btw what progam did you use?

Check out song DNA code

PrEmoEffect responds:

:). I use Ableton.

pretty much the best trance track of all time

this is, without a doubt, my all-time favorite track, period.

think I have listened to this more than any other song

10/10 is an understatement