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Reviews for "Beautiful Dreams [Trance]"


pretty nice especially good around the 02.04 part of the track. nice one

PrEmoEffect responds:

Thanks mate.

Dude, nice.

The song was awesome! One question, if you used FL studio, what instruments do you use for that AWESOME beat?

PrEmoEffect responds:

The beats come from vengeance (edited of course).

Solid, classic trance

Everything here is done fairly well. This track has a classic feel in both a good and a bad way.
The good: Highly reminiscent of other good trance tracks. Mastering and production are solid. The sounds work together.
The bad: There's nothing to differentiate it from other trance tracks. The beat is incredibly standard with little variation. Melodic rhythm does nothing to stick out and grab attention.

PrEmoEffect responds:

I've been working with developing new types of leads that I can use. I was never terribly enthralled by the typical trance saw lead. I'm going more for the distortion plucks. I've usually been much better with basses than leads, so that's something I'm trying hard to work on.


really stylish club sounding song

a fast upbeat song, i like the build up of it all


PrEmoEffect responds:

Or as I just discovered, "frunky" whatever that means.


Boring start. typical. Once you bring in the instruments, "ok". don't repeat that forever. I know you tried to build it up, but that's not great, cut the beginning at least, go from there.
1:25 didn't surprise me at all, didn't hear anything original, but you seem to have the skill, so try composing something unique which takes time. Don't rush it.
Trance isn't my game but I've heard lots, and eveything seems to sound the same like if it's done by bots. That rimed.

Loved the mastery though, made it sound really flowing. 10/10

PrEmoEffect responds:

The whole attraction to trance (at least for me) is the buildup. It adds a lot of energy to the mix to hear different elements come in at different times. I guess I could add something else to the buildups and melodies. To be honest, I was thinking of adding some orchestral themes. Anyways, thanks for the review.