Reviews for "HaloShock"

no offence mc

i dont hate master cheif, its just funny as hell seeing his green demon face ponded into a floor, but you have 2 things a bit micxed up, mc is not that short, at least as tall as the big daddy, and the flash was short.


well thats what you get if you mess with a little sister

Not bad.

It was entertaining to see Master Chief get owned by a Big Daddy. I only wish it was longer.


It wasn't that great. Obviously an early attempt at flash. Just keep trying, and you'll definitely improve!
At mariofann1, don't vote something up for a silly reason like that. You should be voting on how much you liked the flash, not whether or not some character from some game that you can play on the 360 was involved in the story.


don't listen to no one else i think its good it don't really need a storie i get halo got
own the end lol(watch where you walkin
good work
make more