Reviews for "HaloShock"


Wow, this sucks.


dude you did great , i gave you a 10 all those haters suck balls ^^

keep up the good work

oh wow a halo cartoon...its ok

Im not saying you suck but you are not at Lazer Cat Level is. LAZER comedy was way better as well. Also Halo flashes have been done over and over.Animation was ok i give you that i suck nuts in flash. But Lazer cat animation was way better needs color but way better. You should not talk shit about Lazer cat because you still need to work on some things as well.

It made me chuckle

I'm not a HALO fanboy so I say this without any bias judgment. It was good. You should title it as a short so nobody whines about the length. As for animation, who cares!


Aghh, nothing was done correctly, If I used my penis for carrying my own mouse Id still make a better animation, You must have watched loony toons and played Bioshock and halo at the same time to make this, Completely unoriginal and also unfunny, I can't think of a single person who would put out trash worse than this,

The only thing I can congragulate you on is that the animation is better then the way I animated back when I was 12 years old.