Reviews for "Nightwalking"

Bloody good

Really good animations, maybe a bit short but other than that great
10/10 5

Slackman responds:

Thanks for the support and advice. The next one will be a bit longer!

would love to see this coloured and finished

this was brilliant, i would love to see it all re done in flash, maby with some music.

Slackman responds:

Perhaps sometime in the future. I'm curious to see how this would turn out redone in Flash myself, but it'll have to wait. I'm happy you liked it though.

Pretty good for a hand drawn.

You're a good artist. The characters look good, and the animation is really smooth for having been hand drawn. It's obvious you put alot of time into this and you did an awesome job. I didn't notice the slow up you mentioned. Maybe think about carrying your talent over to flash someday so you can add some color and sound! :)

Slackman responds:

Well thank you! I'm glad you appreciate it. I guess I'm the only one who notices the slow up. Anyway, my next short is underway and in flash, so ask and ye shall recieve! Thanks for the support!


This was a nice piece of work, and funny to boot. With sound and colour you would've got full marks from me. You have some serious animation skills so don't stop. Nice work with perspectives and different views and angles and very smooth animation.

Slackman responds:

Thank you! Keep an eye out for my next short which will have both sound and color.


My..haha xD

Well, apart from no audio, it's great.

Considering you drew that all out on paper before putting it in makes it better. Then the dog smack was just awesome. Mainly because it was random "Give me your money" *Dog smack*

Slackman responds:

Well it seems random, but it's actually part of an overarching story that I may end up making into a full length movie once I perfect my style. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Next time there will be audio. It won't be on paper again (I don't have the time or the tools), but hopefully it'll still be good. Thanks for the feedback.