Reviews for "Nightwalking"


This was a nice piece of work, and funny to boot. With sound and colour you would've got full marks from me. You have some serious animation skills so don't stop. Nice work with perspectives and different views and angles and very smooth animation.

Slackman responds:

Thank you! Keep an eye out for my next short which will have both sound and color.

Thats cool

Your style of drawing is really cool I liked it!

Slackman responds:

Thanks! It's all due to years of doodling on the sides of my homework, notes and anything else that would distract me from classes.


My..haha xD

Well, apart from no audio, it's great.

Considering you drew that all out on paper before putting it in makes it better. Then the dog smack was just awesome. Mainly because it was random "Give me your money" *Dog smack*

Slackman responds:

Well it seems random, but it's actually part of an overarching story that I may end up making into a full length movie once I perfect my style. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Next time there will be audio. It won't be on paper again (I don't have the time or the tools), but hopefully it'll still be good. Thanks for the feedback.

great animation..but..

no audio and no color dropped the interest for me. Some SFX, music would've made this much more enjoyable. when she hit him with the dog then kicked him would've been much funnier and cooler if there were audio and color. I bet if you redid it with color and audio you'd do really well.

Slackman responds:

Well, I'm sorry about the lack of audio and color, but I couldn't find any music I thought complimented it all that well, and I didn't have time to do it in color. My next short will have audio and color. Thanks for the help though!


nice drawing skills. The animation was good. I didn't notice it being slow in the middle like you said it would. It must be hard drawing everything by hand.

Slackman responds:

Well thanks! I'm glad you didn't notice the slowdown, I guess I'm just a bit anal. Drawing by hand is a bit of an endurance test, but I think it payed off. Thanks for the feedback!