Reviews for "NGS - Paranoid"


That was well played man. I liked how you used the guitar to compensate for having no vocals. It sounded just like the version that was on Rock n Roll Racing on the SNES (which I am the world champion at playing!).
Nice job. Cool fucking solo too, sounded just like the original playing! :-)

JesusSaves responds:

Wow. Thanx. 3 good reviews by GoreBastard. I must be doing something right. :P


for a 13 year old this is very VERY well done.

keep it up

JesusSaves responds:

Thanx. I'll submit more once I get a better method of recording.

AWSOME,but using some midi solos,thats bad

its good,yeah im impressed

Another hit

That was insane, you cant go wrong with rock classics :D, well done, another toffe for you :P

But nah seriously, it was a cover so its orginality was dropped a little bit, but it still was awesome, you still seem to have a porblem with clarity though its a bit hard to hear the rest of the instruments. Despite this you obvious put in alot of effort.

Well done newgroundssteve


JesusSaves responds:

thanx for the kind words.


I liked it, keep the good work!!!