Reviews for "Two-Hour Time Trial II"

oo00o0o0oo I like this.

I want to be in the next one. Can u message me some info for future 2 hour trial collabs?

Rudy responds:

Last one will be held in Mid-October look out for it.

Pretty cool

That was cool, a lot of great pieces you had going. Good idea for a theme, as it could let everyone's imagination pretty much run wild.
I thought Coaly's was the best. Loved the psychedelic effects.

Damn I wish i took part in this one :<

Nice work!

Rudy responds:



it was really good the best one's wer nicholas deary and superawesomeness

Rudy responds:

Hah, I know ;)


could have been better but still pretty good, fav parts where Nick's and Coaly's

Rudy responds:

It could of been a million times better. Oh well.

2 Hours not bad!

Awesome...I might join the next two hour collab if you are going to create another one. Anyways everyone did a fantastic job.!

Rudy responds:

Thanks! :D