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Reviews for "[C] Die Slow (ROF Diss)"


You went from stealing video games to 50 Cent and Eminem lyrics!
Nothin' but respect.

Cajete responds:

LOL, peep this n***as Cee lo shit... Line for line plagiarism! haha


damn cajete you snapped hard on this track. and yeah fuck lejin and rakoon. bitch made ass n***as. fuckin fake ass n***as. we is the real n***as on ng. yall some fake ass faggits. and lejin quit tellin n***as that i steal shit because you ant got no proof. plus you see the dj pic on my page of me on stage so yeah i am a real dj faggit. get ya facts straight.

and rakoon aka frank. fuck you. you little dick ridin faggit. i thought we squashed the beef but you had to go back to talkin shit. plus your pussy ass never dissed me back. never even droped a track at me. never dissed me. so hmmmm yeah i mopped the floor with your ass with my track. bitch ass n***a you lost. i won. GET MAD BITCH.

Cajete responds:

Thank you for your conviction Zion. I appreciate the love homie! N***as want judge you for shit, but they forget you not the one on here pretending to be someone you not. I respect that. Good looks



You got some talent!

Cajete responds:

Thank you, just putting out good music, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you fro the review! ~1~

Not a fan of the style

But you do this well. Nice job man.

Cajete responds:

Good looks man, it's always a good thing when an artist can bring someone with different views (musically) to vibe and be on the same page. I appreciate the review and the vote! ~1~


some hard words layed down in this track..5d and downloaded..now off to do some stuff.

Cajete responds:

Good looks Klazik, I appreciate the love! Be easy ~1~