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Reviews for "[C] Die Slow (ROF Diss)"


lol, sick shit bro. I may not make hip-hop style music, techno being more my style, but I dig your shit. And this shits hilarious. 5'd 10'd and DL'd. keep up n***a.


Cajete responds:

Thanks man, just doing me, bringing shit to light. I appreciate the love homie.



Lol this is a tight song man! :P
Keep it up Cajete The Defenition ;)

Btw check out my beats bro! :)

Cajete responds:

For sure man, I'll drop you a few reviews! Good looks with mines man, I appreciate the love! Be easy homie ~1~


Damn man, seems we've finally found some common ground with the north and the south. We all seem to hunt raccoons as a past time.

Shit goes dumb hard. Good track

Cajete responds:

You ever had Racoon pie? google that recipe haha

Good looks with the review Wyze, be easy homie ~1~


Like everyone says, shit goes hard. Hands down.


Cajete responds:

Thanks man, just trying to keep it real. Good looks with the score



Wouldn't catch a computer virus for you! LMFAO! That shit was FUNNY AS FUCK.

Stay up,

Nimbus The General

Cajete responds:

You know it dawg haha

Good looks on the review Nimbus.