Reviews for "Sling Junior"

Easy but Fun

It was a fun and easy game, but it was a little too easy, I got all of the levels in gold time n my first shot. I did like the old grampa sling though, he was there just to keep me a little interested in between levels.

FOR KIDS!?!??!

great game and all, but the gold time just creates more frustration, i think you should tone the competitiveness down a little. oh, one more thing. DO YA THINK 4 YEAR OLDS ARE GONNA BE BROWSING NEWGROUNDS?!!?!?!?!?

it good

its preety fun i liked it

Not very challenging

Nice game but I like sling better and slingfire that is coming soon at www.ezone.com


it was entertaining, could have a little more depth to it, but all in all it was entertaining.