Reviews for "Sling Junior"


i wpuld recommend a level creator

LennyEzone responds:

Great idea Andy - we have one in the works right now...

To easy

i know this is designed for young people, but its still to easy for my age.
(my little brother aged 10, couldnt beat level 4. LOL)

nice nice

this game was pretty funny :P
i played the sneek a peak of sling fire .. i find it pretty difficult though
BUTT keep up the good work :) 5/5

As a programmer and game maker

(though not in flash)
I know that no game can be released without some bugs, but there was one that annoyed me.

I don't know if this was suppsoed to happen, but I could simply stretch out to dots taht were close enough to me, making some of the levels pretty boring.
OTher than that, pretty good...

Nice, but could have been more levels

Well, for a 4 year old recomended game, it was nice. The graphics were nice and the sound was good. But it was way too short, only 10 levels aren't enough. I got gold in one try in all of them. The first levels are easy, but the game gets a little chalenging.
Also, good thing that you made an aim, but we should be able to turn the aim off, because the game gets even easier with it.