Reviews for "Monster Maker"


But I hate the monkey

TheBoogley responds:


your work is cute

great personality!! divide it with me!

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks golfinho! You have more than enough talent as it is! :D

Fun stuff

That was fun to play with the monkeyman yappin in the backround and the voice from the bodypart choices. MADNESS. But yeah a really fun concept but I think it'd help to have the choice to speed up the scroll. Like still have it scroll on its own but have arrows on both sides to speed up the scroll left or right. Especially for the bodys cause they're large so you have to wait awhile to get to some of them.

Great little game make moar. :)


I love the sound effects, it's all so stupid, and well animated as always :D

TheBoogley responds:

Wow, I didn't think anyone would ever watch this one again, thanks! :)

I made a manmanman! :D

The whole make a monster thing is sort of generic, but you put a funny spin on it! Nice work :D

TheBoogley responds:

I know. It took ages to make this because I didn't know anything about actionscript. It turns out that there are much easier ways than the one I used, but I did it really just to see if I could. Now I understand actionscript a lot better than I did then, I understand it so well that I now know I don't like using it and need to collaborate with a programmer who enjoys that stuff! :)