Reviews for "Monster Maker"


I liked it a lot, it's simple and fun. Ignore the spammers.

TheBoogley responds:

Cheers, but I like the spammers, although this time they're not rude enough. Something about me commiting incest or beastiality usually finds it's way into the reviews, which is always, without exception, funny.

its not very interesting,

i think you should maybe have a drag and drop menu at the side with misc items in it, ie; say some glasses or like guns or summin. also you could maybe give the options for a background design or colour, i hope you take these ideas into account and ill be looking if you submit another 1!

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks for the advise, I've picked up heaps of skills while making this which I will build on later. The drag and drop idea is good, but I'm done with this one. Next time...

<3 ur stuff but it sucks

the ape talking thingy is funny but its sucks :/

TheBoogley responds:

I'm sorry you didn't get your jollies, tiger.

It was OK

this game has potential but their wasent much to do but it is a good game for younger children

TheBoogley responds:

Yeah, the little ones love it. Teens the other hand... not so much.

another one :(

rubish but also silly so it beats some of the ones already on