Reviews for "Monster Maker"

The monkey is kinda creepy


TheBoogley responds:

If only we could really make mutants this easily, it'd be great!


i have a lost all speech because of this (except those words)

TheBoogley responds:

for reals? woah {:0

I made a manmanman! :D

The whole make a monster thing is sort of generic, but you put a funny spin on it! Nice work :D

TheBoogley responds:

I know. It took ages to make this because I didn't know anything about actionscript. It turns out that there are much easier ways than the one I used, but I did it really just to see if I could. Now I understand actionscript a lot better than I did then, I understand it so well that I now know I don't like using it and need to collaborate with a programmer who enjoys that stuff! :)

your work is cute

great personality!! divide it with me!

TheBoogley responds:

Thanks golfinho! You have more than enough talent as it is! :D

Choose a headddddddaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

GO AGAIN???!!! :)

I love this game.

TheBoogley responds:

GREAT!! the difficulty level seems to upset a lot of people... :3