Reviews for "Kite Plight"

Great Work

A very nice flash and time well spent, I really hope you get somthing for your efforts on this animation. Might not be great quality but it's good enough to enjoy, I might check the better quality one out if it makes a significant diffrence, but if not then this one is good enough, lol.

The animation and art here was great, couldn't really tell that this was frame by frame, I mean she looks the same thoughout so that must have been really hard to do, it's really good though and I enjoyed the story here, it was amusing to watch.

Overall a great peice of work and I am glad you submitted it, keep it up, I would love to see more animations for you :)




That was adorable. Great short, your animation was amazing, and your characters are incredibly cute. Congratulations on a great flash :D

really nice

nice graphique
and coll little story :)

That was adorable

And also awesome. What are you doing on newgrounds again?


Incredibly rare to find flashes like this. Art is wonderful, the music is adorable!!! Looking forward to more! *favorites!*