Reviews for "Kite Plight"

Great animation

Fantastic, smooth, vibrant animation. However, just a bit too good natured for my viewing pleasure.

Love the kid humor.

This is like that stuff that I used to see on TV as a kid sort of lke Tom and Jerry, or The Road Runner, great kid humor. Wonderfully animated. Did you draw those too? If so, then awesome job. All in all, great work.

nicely done.

but why was it a movie instead of flash?

Onelani responds:

It's because there was too much content to put into just one .fla file. I had to put it together in After Effects and render it out as a .mov file.

!his takes on disney by storm!

this has to be one of the best animations, and was it all hand drawn?? you got talent man! I'm recomending this to a collection, the end part was funny.


That was too cute for my own good! Loved it! I'm so happy you didnt use anime, I hope too see more for you!!