Reviews for "Kite Plight"

nice art and animation

man you have talent !
ALL MY 5R belong to this!!!!1

Great art!

This is seriously the first time I watched a flash movie, and thought that it was a real cartoon. That has never happend before. You can see that a lot of energy and time has been put into this.
All I can say is: "Keep up the good work!"

very cute

a welcome addition to a place that is filled with mostly blood, shooting and hentai....ya but that's why most people are here :)

Really, really Great!

it looked so great the little girl is so cute! i love its my fave! x

Awsome, plain and simple!

That was a goo--no--glorious example of what flash can do!! It was almost on another level! Hands down awsome. Gratz on an excelent flash!