Reviews for "Kite Plight"


cute and yet not stupid... im impressed!
nice drawing and coloring btw

wtf.... kewl!!!


Interesting Flash

Ok, with my reviews I always write it as I watch/play the movie/game.

I'll start off by saying nice preloader. I agree that the quality was poor, but that was only probably because you had to fit it to 10Mb or whatever the NG's limit is, the plot was a little too simple, but at least you didn't drag it out. The music fitted the flash well, and you have the ability to show the right facial expressions on characters. The only bit I didn't like was the falling down scene, where the kite first got caught in the cactus, and she pulled the rope until in snapped. It looks as if she's going to fall flat on her face, but then she does 4 or 5 rolls. It just didn't match.

Never the less, this is a great flash, and I will rate this with a 5, great work. This even has the potential to become a series.


I think your a great artist, not because your animation is wonderful, but becuase you don't take ideas from someone else. Most of the flashes done on newgrounds are always based on characters they didn't even create. Great job, but if you wanted my opinion, I think the plot is all too basic ( Mix it up a bit, more action )


This is comparable to some of the great cartoons by amazing animators like Walt Disney.