Reviews for "Kite Plight"

This was great!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe I never knew about this until now.

Saw this on release date, always wanted to say GREAT JOB!

This is a great animation that you would't believe was relesed to flash animation, or newgrounds for that matter. This animation, as Cyberdevil has already said, is cut all the way through and it maintains just about ever aspect it tries to present to the viewer. I can't think of anything wrong with it.

Nice, it's a breath of fresh air watching something that's just cute all the way through. When she's balancing on the pile of cows (?) trying to get the kte from the cactus, obviously a bunch of menacing scenarious popped up in my brain, but that's not the kind of animation this is, just short and sweet, and greatly drawn too. Twas refreshingly fun to watch. Great work!



the animation is good