Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep13"

I miss the 80's.

Man, I love this show. Goofy as hell, but it has that campy charm and flavor of those old video game shows. It's great.

It's a shame that some people just can't "get it". Although this probably goes over the heads of anyone under the age of 19...

But whatev. As a life-long gamer, you dudes will always get the thumbs-up from me. Keep 'em coming!

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks dude! LOTS MORE TO COME!


I didn't know

You could make a show based on Gyromite, let alone a show about playing Gyromite... Or having trouble playing Gyromite.....

Actually, I can't believe this even exists. What a twisted way to revisit my days of playing Gyromite. Top score for promoting a sense of awe and confusion.

FarFromSubtle responds:

It is one challenging game. (You're gonna love part 2!)

I love these

they are like the shows I used to watch on nickelodeon when I was younger, I loved them, and this resembles the shows very nicely, nice job.


I dunno I felt more unconfortable than anything watching this. I mean its not bad just seem really uh.... like tryin to hard to make the jokes work and it just seem odd.

I love it!

I love this stuff! Makes me think back to when I did play those games. Keep it up!