Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep13"

Find a different angle

Everytime there's a new one of these out I watch it. Then I kick myself for wasting 2 minutes of my day on it. It's like these guys saw The Angry Video Game Nerd and then watched 5 hours of South Park and tried to fuse the humor of both things together.

FarFromSubtle responds:

James is one INTENSE video game reviewer!

Fun Fact: Not only are our shows nothing alike, but we started our shows at almost the same time, and didn't even know about each other until we BOTH joined ScrewAttack! Awesome!

The "Bill & Ted" of Video Game Reviews

Fantastic hahaha, that made my day XD

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks dude! Stay awesome, and stay maggoty!

Dear brotos

You are an idiot,
irategamer is himself a rip-off of the angry video game nerd.
yours truly,

Good vid though, I liked it.


This seems like a take off of irate gamer on youtube.
But it was good.


Made me laugh off the bat. Reminded me of Wayne's World a bit so it worked!

Too bad video quality is sacrificed when put into flash or else it would be perfect.

I kind of miss Gyromite and my R.O.B. I wonder where I put him...

FarFromSubtle responds:

We're always trying our best to squeeze better quality out of the flash video codec! If you would like a higher quality version, just stop by our website and subscribe to the podcast!