Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep13"


I meant to post the review that I just gave for Ep.12 here. I'll paste this over here for now... I wish I actually had controls over my own posts.

The best part about you guy's videos is back in that golden age of the NES and SNES, there really were people that stupid with their games. I actually knew a kid in the neighborhood who believed he had beaten Zelda: A Link to the Past on the SNES when he finished the third dungeon in the Light World. The had the game and played it every now and then for years and never, ever figured out to go back to the first castle and hit the barrier with the master sword. It was a running inside joke with my siblings and I for quite some time, and we never told this kid that he hadn't even begun the game. It was even his favorite game, and not once did it occur to him how silly it would be to get a new, powerful sword at the very end of the game.

Anyway, your video's are totally radical. I'm like, taken back to the 80's where Duck Tales was hip, slap bracelets cut wrists, and gaming felt new and original. God, I loved the late 80's and early 90s. Of course it's just the clouded nostalgia that most people have seeing something better than it actually was, but this still makes me laugh. I'm glad to see you guy's are gonna be updating weekly. I enjoyed the first episodes and hoped you guys would hit it bigger than crap like the "angry Nintendo nerd" who really don't have any skills with writing good comedy. I had trouble viewing the episodes from your website, so for now I'll just fav you under NG and watch it from here.


FarFromSubtle responds:

SLAP BRACELETS ARE INTENSE!!! And Thanks for the thorough review!

Whao dude... trouble viewing the episodes on our page? BOGUS!

Give just an email: avg@ffstv.com We want to make sure the videos work for EVERYONE.

oh... my... god...

I actually lost an IQ point. I knew I was losing it too, but I couldn't turn away. You win this round.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Be sure hold onto those IQ points bro. Some of these games take some intense thinking power! Bogus!

You guys, like...

...TOTALLY have a grip on this video game stuff! That other DarK dude loser totally doesn't know what he's talking about, but high five for still being awesome (totally awesome) to his review!

I love how you guys like, took this game and showed me what to do with it! I've been dying for some help!

I'm Staying awesome!

FarFromSubtle responds:

Stay, like, totally awesome bro!


Hey, dudes! You're like, totally awsome! R.O.B. is like, totaly awsome! And now a new episode a week! Awsome!

FarFromSubtle responds:

You said it dude!

Stay Awesome!

Not good!

This was bad...very bad. I felt like I was watching some 5 year old kids who can't handle their lollipop. Seriously guys, stop posting this on Newgrounds. Since when became Newgrounds a VIDEO portal? It's called FLASH portal for a reason!

Now you have some flash movies on your profile, thats ok but it doesn't give you the right to post your videos on here as well. Use Youtube, Dailymotion or Veoh for that.

Overall, it wasn't funny at all. Seriously, where was the humor in this? You forced it to be funny but failed epicly as well as wasting 12.1 mb of space for something that made no sense at all.

If you really want to copy the Angry Video Game Nerd at least "play" the game and tell us what sucks and what not. Oh...right, you're gonna do that with the "weekly" episodes then...huzzah. If they are even more fun than this, then I'm "totally" gonna watch em...

For me, watching this was nothing more than a pure waste of time. It's sad to see something like this on the frontpage of the #1 website for FLASH...

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thans for the review bro!

NewGrounds IS awesome! Everything for everyone, and a whole lot of awesome! Be sure to stop by our website for more INTENSE episodes! We'll talk to James for ya, and see if he would post to NewGrounds for you as well.

Stay Awesome!