Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep13"


The shifting camera anglesand overenergetic hosts were what made it funny for myself


What I dont get is why Ace is pressing buttons on da 2nd controller on a 1 player game lmfao


Man, you guys had everything. The over the top fake teen dudes, the 80's-early 90's totally radical language, the mandatory 'our parents just don't get it' line, and even the oh so XTREME camera shifting frantically after every line! Nice job, you've sooo totally reminded me of that one show that had the cartoon mario episodes in it!



great show! haha gyros, but seriously.

very funny, hope you keep makin more of them...and i hope you get past that pillar/collum.

Oh My God!

That is pretty dang hilarious! I wanted to turn it off because at first, I didn't know if this use to be a real show or if it was nostalgia satire?!?!?!? Either way, I continued to watch in disgust because of how Nintendo tried so hard to own kids and their minds! Kind of like that movie "The Wizard" which was just one giant marketing ploy for Super Mario Bros. 3 and every other lame Nintendo product including the Power Glove! Oh, man! Nintendo use to rule the world!
But anyways, once I realized this was not an old show, but poor souls with enough dedication to this "fake" show that one of them even shaved the early 90's "Lines" in the side of his head, I shed a tear. I don't know which is worse - remembering back on how pathetic we as a gamer generation we use to be, or you guys taking time out of your lives now to help us remember how pathetic we use to. . . .

Anyways, funny stuff! Extremely over-dramatic and over the top like it use to be! I will continue to pray for your souls!!!


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