Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep13"


thats funny stuff .. but seriously how do you keep a straight face doing all that ??

FarFromSubtle responds:

It's easy to keep a straight face when you are concentrating on beating some seriously awesome video games!

great as usual!

i love these movies i always expect them to lose humor (no offense) but every single one is just as funny or funnier than the next keep it up.

And by the way love the bloopers would love to see a Awesome Video Games blooper show.

FarFromSubtle responds:

With all the requests we are getting for more bloopers, we may just have to oblige!


Its got a lot of jokes and it was verry funny but its too fake and there are to much video game noises like every two seconds. So I vote 4 and 8.

well, it's all greek to me...

hahaha, you guys are fucking awesome. can't wait to see how you handle R.O.B. in the next one.

lolz funny

its funny but sooooo fake... so you get a four and a nine