Reviews for "Awesome Video Games Ep13"

Very unique

You don't see many live-action flash on Newgrounds so this is a good change of pace.

FarFromSubtle responds:

We really appreciated that NewGrounds is letting us explore... new ground.



Honestly flashes like this usally make me want to take a hammer to my roommates face, but some how this piece had me in stiches. i hadent laughedthat hard in a good while.
it was completly stupid and pointless. i loved it.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks dude! Hope things work out with your roomy!

Tears In My Eye =')

You guys are awesome! I couldn't wait to see Episode 13!

Long live Chet and Ace! =')

FarFromSubtle responds:

You bet dude! Stay tuned to NewGrounds, or just pop by our site (the new episode is up right now!).

Good show

This is pretty funny, although i don't think this would make a good full length show, as some have suggested... i'd probably want to stab myself after more than ten minutes... maybe something like a short on g4, or something?

Haha, Oh Man, Great Start!

Nice, a new series! This has been a show I've always kept an eye on, so an episode a week? Awesome!

I checked out your site and caught part 2 also, had me laughing so much, your acting and movie making skillz (with a z) are getting so much better as you go on, love the new starting cutscene, amazing.

Just awesome basically!

FarFromSubtle responds:

Thanks dude! We appreciate the kind words.

Stop by the forum and say "YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH!" sometime!