Reviews for "B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster"

Love It!

I went to Transformice
I login as Superchirag
I opened 6 New Tabs
I use 6 guests in 6 new tabs as Stickman, Mario, Luigi, Smiley, King and Bad Guy
I battled Bad Guy
I sent out Stickman, Mario, Luigi, Smiley and King to fight Bad Guy but Bad Guy won!
I did in pokemon
When I start, I put this music


Normally I'm not terribly keen on metal as a genre, but I particularly like this song, probably in part just because I have a special fondness for this tune, but also because it's extremely well done. I appreciate the sheer quantity of energy in this song, and the fact that you've managed to combine both heavy guitar and drums with the 8-bit sound such as at 2:08 without making it sound silly. Obviously, they are two very different instruments that might not combine easily, but not only have you managed to make the combination work well, you've made them jell perfectly.
Also, the Dragonite cry works very well in the two places where you've put it in.
Overall, an excellent battle theme.

Well done.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go save the world from Team Rocket and kick Lance's ass so hard there I don't have a comparison for it.


Awesomely chaotic but I LOVE chaos. (Just look at my room). Love metal too.(Not as much of that though). I can beat the crap out of Red's Pikachu in steroids because my Luxray is taking double the dose. Great job.

Burn7 responds:

Have you listened to Trivium's "Chaos Reigns"? It's off their new album. It's like... The DEFINITIVE Chaos song.

Definitely worthy of Red

Epic battle on top of Mt. Silver in a hailstorm... Getting pwned by a Pikachu on roids... Good times.

Burn7 responds:

Burn7: Bringing Nostalgic thoughts since I discovered people gave a shit.