Reviews for "B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster"

This music remix...rocked my soul and spirit.

Dragon Pokemon

Theeeey'rrrre baaaaack! Lance always impressed me the most in the original series, and you just happened to do that overpowered dragon trainer some real justice.

Burn7 responds:

Hey! Freakin' thanks dude!

I actually honestly HATE this remastering of this song. I was between mixing/mastering styles and it's really apparent (to me at least) that I really had no fucking clue what I was doing half of the time in this song.

Simply Amazing

Read title for review.

wow i can listen to this for ever

this is awesome.
i cant stop listening.
dont stop the good work ;)


My favourite song in a pokemon game. I used to fight Lance a million times just to hear the awesome song!