Reviews for "B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster"

So I'm gonna take a wild guess here...

...You got your guitar back? :)

Burn7 responds:

Actually yes. I didn't do any recording on this song over the past few days though, I've been doing work on the R/B battle. I probably won't finish it for another few days though because I have a block of 8 hour workdays coming up that are going to leave me with little time in-between to work on the song.

It's gonna be sick though :)

you dude. are an epic

maybe its just cuz pokemons already an effing ten but the dragonite cry at the end kicked ass! killed it again ill be keeping watch of your stuff

Burn7 responds:

Awesome, thanks for even checking me out dude! I'm glad you like my stuff though. Always cool to hear from new peeps :D

Burn7 uses Face Shred

Super Effective. Glad to see you back and with a remaster of one of my favorite songs! Songs real damn good, sir.

Burn7 responds:

Well I'm glad you frigging enjoyed it! Always cool to see you coming back and checking out old Burn7.

Great great!

Listen to this with headphones. Makes quite a difference. At like 1:55ish, you are playing a pretty complex pattern. And when you have it on speakers, you can't tell very well. It kinda just sounds mushed together. When you use headphones, it is very very clear.

Also like the cleaned up faster parts throughout the song.

Love the new effect on the guitar at 2:37. Awesome!

Also headphones make a huge difference in hearing the placement of everything. Guitars on both sides, drums in the middle, etc...

Love the pokemon sound effects in it:) glad you decided to add those back in.

One thing i did notice that not sure i liked, i guess i didnt hate it though, just different. You changed the very very beginning intro sound just a little bit. Not
sure why. But whatever. Doesnt sound bad.

One thing I did notice about the whole song, is everything flows so much smoother. The guitars flow much much better with the re-recording. And everything fits perfectly with everything else.

Love the new one, loved the old one. Keep on making that bad ass music!

Burn7 responds:

That's right you sit there and compliment my song. I know where you live.


GENIAL ¡¡¡¡ 5/5

Burn7 responds:

Indeeeeeeeed thanks!