Reviews for "B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster"

holy crap this amazing and scary all at the same time. I LOVE IT

You Scare Me....
Wheres the F@#%in' hyper beam sound effects?!
Wheres the screech of the dying opposition as Lance wrecks your failed pokemon?
Where the F@#$ is the cry of pikachu getting his little yellow ass kicked?

Just as brutal as the others you put forth...and of course, your reasoning for not being able to add the effects = Rules...BLAH!

Oh well, you still have my fist of approval to the face of Pikachu \m/

I like the original so much better. It sounds cleaner than this one.

now THIS is fitting to fight 3 dragonites in one fucking final battle. the epicness in this track can't be calculated in human numbers, dude, hands down one of the best metal tracks on NG. rock on.

I cried at the end.
It was perfect, i could not ask for anything more and I am so glad I found this after forgetting about newgrounds for all these years.
Respect. Keep it up, its all i ask.