Reviews for "B7 Lance Battle Final Remaster"

I was at the end of the song...

I was so amazed... i gave up and downloaded it... by brain said dont cause i couldnt handle awsomeness well... but i did it anyway..... >.>

Burn7 responds:

FUCK YEAH! Love that shit, keep listening man!

hm, something different to play with

Nice one to land on in relaxing days

Burn7 responds:

Well...That's not what I was expecting since this is a metal song. But if this sort of thing is what you need to relax, then whatever fits your fancy, man.

I've never seen someone fall asleep in the middle of a heated gunbattle. But I believe you, my very kind and gentle sir, have the capability.

E with pic

Go Epichu!

Burn7 responds:

Lol if only that was a pokemans.

Love it

Makes me want to break out my GBA and play the original Gold version.


This is pretty damn good. Nice work.