Reviews for "B Cause of U (in Halo 2)"


Niece, only you refer at the end something about halo 3 coming out next year. but I already got it.
had a big delay in the making of this film?


Great entry! I'm actually one of the people that owns his friends......now I feel bad :p

Nice one

That was wicked and hey your singin wern't too bad ;) keep it up (on this and on halo :P)


YEAH YOU HEARD ME!! This one ownes all lolz this is really good shit O.o


b cause of you i never play slayer in halo 2.... seriously i barely play slayer. here is a recent score. my friend - 15 me - 2. yea its sad but that was halo 1 he doesnt have 2 or 3 for that matter. but awesome movie!!! b cause of you i just squirted sprite zero out of my nose in halo 2... not really but that would be funny master cheif doing that with his helm on, he'd be like oh shit not again damnit stop with those halo parodies there too funny. lol. oh and keep doing wat u do best. ten for u!