Reviews for "B Cause of U (in Halo 2)"


ur funny.peace out

Sad but true

This is the reason I started playing COD 4, faggots like that guy.


hehe. i hate those mofos who think they are too good to lose 1 game. and i think most of those people don't have lives b/c they are always playin' halo 2. and 3. and odst.


My freind sent me a link to this as an explanation to why he wasn't gonna play halo anymore.

nice but here are some suggestions

i gave a 5/5 n a 9/10!!!!!!! uve done so many flash vids and they alwayts seem to lak a bit of higher detail like shadows, shaders, and easter eggs(or hidden buttons, for extra stuff.) i still love JKR, but i think u could improve the vids... if u can improve on them a little more i thionk more ppl will watch... and u will probly get more awards(thinking of both of you and the viewers)