Reviews for "B Cause of U (in Halo 2)"

awsome vid

there sould be a halo 3 version of this song great video and animation by the way fyi u rock %u263A %u263A%u263A


This song is so funny. I loved it, and I am that guy in Halo 2, I make blind kids look good.

:P i own

I OWN IN HALO! I played online and offline and i still own.... i get 45 and my frind gets 31 lol..... online it gits hard... but i got used to it... from geting in 2nd place im fine

i'm a jerkface

when i play halo ( with my friends ,not online) i am that guy

i love it

if u need help i can give u help im a pro in halo 2 u may call me a noob but i never loose i dont camp but all i use is a energy sword and a rocket launcher