Reviews for "B Cause of U (in Halo 2)"


you can sing! and i absolutly LOVED THIS!!!!

it will be a hit trust me...

JKR responds:

Ha ha, I don't know if I can sing, but I AM getting better at it. Maybe I'll take some lessons...

Anyway, thanks for the review!

Great Job!

Fantastic job on lyrics, graphics, almost everything. The singing voice can get a tad annoying at times, but it's hardly a problem. Keep up the good work!

JKR responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. I wanted to jazz it up even more, but ran low on time. Ah well!

Awesome movie

I know the feeling man, everyone is too obsessed with halo sometimes.

JKR responds:

It's true, Halo-hype is out of control. I was at EB paying off my copy and the phone honestly not ONCE stopped ringing. NOT ONCE. In about 20 minutes.


Thanks for the review!

damn i got it stuck in my head....

it was a good flash oh and halo 3 three comes out tomorrow not in a week..i gots it reserved

JKR responds:

Yeah, I know it comes out tomorrow, but I made the flash last week and it got delayed until today. Oops. Oh well, glad you liked it anyway.