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Reviews for "HALOMEN"

you know that dude who raped a woman and had a double kill well... HE SHOOTS SO FUCKIN AWESOME!!!

danomano65 responds:

Consensual sex isn't rape!


Badass. Love the pacing, humor and sound. Fantastic crossover from the bleak apocalypse of the Tankmen to Master Chief's invincible stand against the Covenant.

By the way, Tsutomu Nihei, the guy that created the Knights of Sidonia manga and anime, is a big Halo fan. Almost the same name as the ending song for this video. Coincidence? You guys might have inspired the baddest sci-fi anime in recent history!

the ending watch the credits at the end and the ending song was so bada@#s

newgrounds and its movies are awesome, even the sucky ones :P this one is not sucky though :)