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Reviews for "HALOMEN"

The Best part is that the Start of Halo 5 with Fireteam Osiris steals the Knights of Cydonia action scene from this cartoon.

This'll always be a NG classic!

The funny thing is that I have never played "Halo". I have however played a fan game. I was able to recognize a lot from this. I appreciate how good the animation is. Seriously, everything is so beautiful. There's just so much variety.

I'm glad the TANKMEN got their own parodies. I wish I knew the names. Well, obviously I know Master Chief's. The enemies on the other hand I have no clue. Well, I can at least recognize them.

danomano65 responds:

Best review ever.

Very snazzy video
remember watching this ages ago
A masterpiece witch any halo fan would love
I had 1 problem with it, wasn't the video, just the ads were for porn and henti lol

that. was. awesome.
such a perfect use of: knights of cydonia (muse)

even a tribute.

cock joke

danomano65 responds:

Dude I see you've been looking back through my stuff! Glad you like it! Halomen was fun, did it back when Halo 3 was coming out and I lived in a college dorm haha. There's a Halomen 2 in my gallery!

Fuckin' CALLED IT!