Reviews for "Lavender Town (Pokemon)"

mmm at least 20% creepier,still good

Loved It

Reminds me of resident evil ambiences,, but this remix, has the "musical factor"?...

great job! :)

freaky shit...

this is a lot creepier, nice going :)


The song is now 20% creepier. Nice going there. Really like the atmosphere though, really fits into the Lavender Town feel and emotion of the place. Also the only place where Team Rocket admits to having killed Pokemon for profit.

NG Math Fail

Okay, I voted 5 on this, the score was 5 already and it went down by .000000001, yet is still a 5..... way to go newgrounds! Anyways, this is fantasic, its dark and eerie and the vocals really added to it! Great job!