Reviews for "absolute.Madness"

Pretty Good

Luved the game

The best.

I have wasted many days of my life playing this game. Jesus and the clown are very hard. Just keep moving and they won't hit you. This is the best madness game ever made.

Freaking Sweet!

Really Gr8 Game!!! even if its a platform/shooting game, its still pretty good. porvides a Challenge whic most madness games dont have. 10/10


i beat the boss u wimps its not hard !!!! and need more weps

how is it even possible to get past jebus???

im not saying its bad but how can you beet jebus?i had a extremely hadr time fighting him.after a few minutes i died....its very very fun though so i give a 10/10 for the violence,how the guns look like and yea....