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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

I liked it...

...but GOD was it frustrating. I got to near the last level, and that water maze one... Damn. But it is a good game =D.

A nice concept

Popping corn is a different game indeed but i'm stuck on wartery grave lol (I R NooB) can't wait to see more of your submissions =)

Very Creative

The presentation is very nice except for the images of butter and water (but because it's butter and water I can't take off points for that.) Surprisingly it made you think a bit more than you thought you needed to (I accidentally found out to beat a level and was surprised when it worked) I like the fact that there are awards and that even if you found something that you didn't reconize it was easy to discover how to use it (in my case, the waterproof fire) I'm stuck on level 35 for right now, but I think it's a nice game. keep it up!

Awesome, but someone please help me!!

LOVE THIS GAME! Excellent, brilliant, amazing. but can someone give me some tips on level 25? i dont know why i cant do it!


Pretty addictive

I didnt like the maze one level 32.