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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

Very nice game

Very cool,though some of the levels r fuckin hard

Awards(not all of them)

Fast learner-win a level on the first try

Clever Clogs-win ten levels in a row without restarting

Hotshot-get 100% on 5 or 10 levels in a row(cant remember)

Gold corn-get all the gold corn

Effiency-get exactly the number of corn needed

Speedy-finish a level in less than a quarter of the normal time

Nick of time-beat a level on the last sec.

Thats all i got so far....

good game

good game but some levels are hard to do

how the fuck

do you beat helldegedly or w/e i think its level 45 or close to it

So frustrating

I can never get past this one level and its so annoying. Oh well, but nice game to keep me busy.

Some Help For All Of Us


Kernal: Get a fixed amount of these to complete the level (getting all of them immediately end the level and is in some cases, necessary).

Fire: Increases the size of your fireball (temporary!!)

Freeze: Lets you move across water, but you can't cross butter or pop any kernals until it wears off.

Thunder: Increases the speed of your fireball (you use your cursor to determine where you want the fireball to go and with this TEMPORARY powerup, it gets there faster).

Time: Temporarily (and literally) freezes the timer.

Gas: Creates an explosion if touched, popping nearby kernals and clearing out any butter and/or water (wierd, yes, but something tells me you don't care), It will not work if you are in Freezeball form.

Wierd Ball: Touch it, and it will automatically seek out any and all nearby kernals and powerups (bypassing hazards in the process). It isn't permanant, and if you touch a second one, the first disappears.


Poison Kernal: They don't count towards total # of kernals, and they dramatically slow you down for several seconds if popped (hint: they are green).

Rock: Burn through them (gas can sometimes make this easier as it burns them partway), and do it fast.

Metal: You have to move around it or use a wierd ball powerup.

Butter: You can move across it, but it slows you to a snails pace.

Water: Extigushes your fireball, you have to restart the level even if you meet the quota. In Freezeball form you can move across it as if it were butter, but you better get to land fast, or you're out...

Now that I've helped beginners get a head start, can you experts out there tell me how to get past level 46? :p