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Reviews for "Hotcorn"

Makes Me Hungry

Cool, my first review.
I thought it was really fun, who can't enjoy being a flame popping popcorn?
It's addictive, yet the times are really strict, but, challenges are good.

Very nice game

Very cool,though some of the levels r fuckin hard

Awards(not all of them)

Fast learner-win a level on the first try

Clever Clogs-win ten levels in a row without restarting

Hotshot-get 100% on 5 or 10 levels in a row(cant remember)

Gold corn-get all the gold corn

Effiency-get exactly the number of corn needed

Speedy-finish a level in less than a quarter of the normal time

Nick of time-beat a level on the last sec.

Thats all i got so far....

I only got to level 14

It gets hard on level 14 cuz u gotta turn cold and get 100 popcorns..its a cool game though i like it :)

Good game, second is worth a play

Fun game, but I liked the second one ("Another Box of Hotcorn") better. This one lags a little, but the smiley face is cute :-)

Keep up the good work.

how the fuck

do you beat helldegedly or w/e i think its level 45 or close to it